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Dear Money Doctor®

Dear Money Doctor® was created to share Financial Advice in 7 words or less™. We are hoping that you will share your family’s best financial advice, financial life lessons or tips to financial success.

Please share advice that you taught your children or learned from your parents or grandparents through multiple generations; financial advice discussed around the dinner table, learned from a friend or mentor that has affected your life or learned from life’s experiences.

Why 7 words? Financial Advice in 7 words or less™ was selected because our experience is that the best financial advice can be shared in a few simple words. The number 7 is generally regarded by scholars as the number of perfection and completion.  For example, did you ever consider that there are 7 colors in a rainbow, 7 days in a week, 7 musical notes in a scale and that 7 is a prominent number in most religions? Oh and yes, the number 7 is generally regarded as a lucky number!

We also invite you to share the story behind the financial advice, such as where you learned the financial advice and how the advice has affected your life.

About Us

The financial advocates behind this online community are CPAs, Personal Financial Specialists, registered investment advisors and serve on a nationally recognized panel of Money Doctors with the AICPA.   For over 30 years, they have been known as money doctors to their clients; providing financial checkups that deliver sound, independent, fiscally responsible financial advice delivered in a straight forward candid style.

We hope that the financial advice postings will help you reach the goal that we share with our clients to – help you keep the wealth in your family.

Thank you for contributing your advice and story.

Financial Advice Favorites

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