For Women

A Financial advocate in your corner

As Sue knows all too well, women face unique financial challenges and circumstances throughout their lives. Sue’s experience as a working mother and financial advocate for women has given her a front row seat of financial issues from a woman’s perspective.

Money management, navigating the workplace, financial implications of raising a family, as well as retirement, investment and estate planning – these are just some of the topics that Sue reviews in a Financial Checkup.

Please contact Sue if you would like to setup a Financial Checkup or if you would like some initial thoughts on any of the following topics:

Women’s Financial Needs can be Different from Men’s
• How women are different from men, financially speaking
• Women and money: taking control of your finances
• Women and work: why salary, benefits and work-life balance count
• Four things that women need to know about social security
• A retirement roadmap for women

Are You a Couple?
• Investing as a couple: getting to yes
• Planning for marriage: financial tips for women
• Planning for the financial impact of children

Recently Divorced or Widowed?
• Adjusting to life financially after a divorce
 Counting on your husband’s retirement income?
• Moving forward financially after the loss of a spouse
• Asset protection: beyond insurance

Need More help with Your Financial Situation?
• Advanced estate planning concepts for women
• What you should know when starting a business
• The traits of a good investor and how women can make the most of them


We would love to learn more about you.  If you are interested in an independent second financial opinion, or just need an advocate with a complete view of your financial picture, we invite you to call and schedule an appointment 856-840-4300 or Contact Us Now.


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