For Families

Keep the wealth in your family

As your Family’s financial advocate, we provide:

  • Income, Estate, and Retirement Tax Planning

  • Financial and Investment Planning

  • Oversight of family assets, including trusts

  • Coordination of advice from other professionals

Your Financial Checkup:  We start with a financial checkup to evaluate your family’s financial health, including a review of your income and estate taxes, retirement plans and investment planning to bridge the gap between investment advice and tax advice.  Working with your family, we coordinate, advocate and attend meetings with you and your investment advisor and attorney to implement the results of our financial checkup.  Next, we will work with you to tailor a plan to:

  • Organize and centralize your family’s personal affairs

  • Provide tools to monitor performance

  • Bridge the gap between tax and investment advice to improve after tax investment returns

Tax Advantaged Holistic Approach to Investment Services:  We will add measurable additional value by coordinating the two primary sources of independent advice most families need – tax and investment advice.  CPA/PFSs with extensive career backgrounds in taxes identify creative tax solutions and value-added opportunities to bridge the gap between tax and investment advice in your overall wealth management strategy.  Believing that investment returns should be measured net of costs and taxes, we work with you and your investment advisor to position your assets into a more tax-efficient portfolio and if appropriate, negotiate a more favorable advisory fee.

For Families


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