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Half a loaf is better than none

My story behind the advice is:

Financial Advice Half a loaf is better than none - bread photoThis was one of my Dad’s one-liners.  Whenever he was on the fence and wasn’t sure whether it was time to either buy or sell an investment, he would say to me….well, I guess that a “Half a loaf is better than none.”  He would buy or sell ½ of the position that he was thinking about. You can never go wrong taking a profit on half of an investment and letting the other half ride.  Similarly, on the buy side, it makes sense to buy into a half or a quarter of a new position at a time.  If the market goes down, you have the ability to buy more of your planned position “on sale”. Greed can be a terrible thing with your stock market investments.  Don’t try to sell stock at the high. It is better to earn some profits while the stock price is increasing.

Sue Meehan

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